I am a person of many things. tattoos, and rockabilly, crazy hair, piercings and so much more.Come swing in and follow me.
Screw my dreams. They don't even exist anymore.
Pretty sad when your dudes baby momma is so scared of you she send her NEW boyfriend to pick up her son LOL i like it when people fear me when they are spawns of satan. She better be glad all she got was a big fat wad of mucus in her face!!!!!

Just a little new selfies i took :D



Applestore Shit Shenanigans 
Dave Karkat John

How long were you on the table before getting yelled at


This ice challenge that peoe are doing is pissing me off. Not one mention of the reason why it was started and what ALS is.
Hows everyone doing. I've been doing the while mommy stay at home life. Frankly raising someone else's kid who had a child with satans sister is kinda hard, but i won't change it for the world. My 6 year old and his two year old. Boys. I gotta remember how hard it is on little one that his dead beat mother who ACTS like she gives a shit but only tries so she don't look bad because she already left one kid in another state for a man she never met online. Poor baby, but ill do my best.
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