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My friends have been posting this on fb for an old friend thats hurt… A mutual friend got cut off on his motercycle by an old lady who didn’t’t stop and kept going and made Jason wreck…..please help fund if anyone can. SHARE THE SHIT PUT OF THIS PLEASE
(Writen by his wife)
This fund is to help raise money for Jason Calvin Boyd. He was in a severe motorcycle accident on Monday, Sept. 15, 2014. He is currently in the Shock Trauma ICU at the Herman Memorial Hospital in Houston, TX. He was airlifted to the hospital and is facing several upcoming surgeries. He’s already had 2 surgeries to fix his pelvic joint and another for his colon and intestine injuries. JC will also need to have 4 additional surgeries. The surgeries will be for the fractures on his right leg, his torn ligaments in his left leg, his left wrist (his writing hand), and possibly his left elbow. JC will be in a wheel chair for several weeks before most likely going into rehabilitation for his knee. 

Jc is 28 years old and is a devoted husband and a loving father of a precious 3 year old little girl. He had just recently started a new job that he was very excited about because it involved traveling but will most likely lose it due to these circumstances. His wife, Dee is a stay at home mom and will now need to make other arrangements for their daughter while she looks for work. JC will not be able to help his family financially for at least a year most likely. We, his family is asking for any kind of financial help that can be given. The money raised will be used to help pay his enormous medical expenses, rehab, at home care, and general living expenses. 

Jc was raised in the New Braunfels area. He has always enjoyed floating down the river and loves the feeling of an open road when riding his motorcycle. He is a wonderful friend to have and an even better family member, as he would be more than willing to help anyone in need. But, I hope we can all join together and be his financial guardian angels. 

Please share his story with all of your friends and family so we may ease this financial burden. From the bottom of our hearts, the Boyd family truly appreciates everyone helping in this endeavor.

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